A better toggle for Visual Studio Code's Integrated Terminal

Visual Studio Code has great support for shortcuts. You're probably familiar with the shortcut for ctrl + `, which will toggle between opening the Integrated Terminal and hiding the entire panel.

But when I'm doing meaningful work in the terminal, I want to keep it around. Instead this toggle shortcut feels like a dead end to my flow.

Luckily shortcuts in VS Code are extensible. The below edits to keybindings.json will exchange the Integrated Terminal's toggle shyness for a toggle that moves the cursor between the active editor and the terminal without banishing the panel to another plane of existence.

{ "key": "ctrl+`", "command": "workbench.action.terminal.focus"},
{ "key": "ctrl+`", "command": "workbench.action.focusActiveEditorGroup", "when":"terminalFocus"}

VSCode has really started to double down on the Integrated Terminal, and as of 1.10 has started to deprecate the Output panel in favor of the terminal. So it makes sense to me to protect my productivity flow, especially if VS Code expects me to spend even more time in the Integrated Terminal.

I really like working with the Integrated Terminal, and it's really started to cut into quality time with my preferred terminal, Terminal.app.

And if you're on macOS, make sure to include "terminal.integrated.shellArgs.osx": ["-l"] in your settings.json to get all of your tasty treats from ~/.bash_profile.